Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Maintenance & Cleaning

Synthetic grass tennis courts are a combination of artificial grass and a silicon-based infill; they regularly have sand mixed in the grass fibres. Sand is used to assist in water drainage and to maintain the synthetic grass carpet in the place. The sand offers a safe playing condition by reducing impact of player’s knees and ankles. Synthetic grass courts provide players a challenging and difficult game, for the players as the court programs a medium to fast ball speed with a low bounce. Synthetic grass tennis courts require a run-of-the-mill maintenance and cleaning program to ensure safe playing conditions all year round. Regular Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Maintenance A weekly or fortnightly maintenance program should becarried out to help with preserving the clean appearance for your court. Sweeping and removal of leaves any other vegetative matter from legal court will prevent mould and dirt from growing and accumulating between the grass fabric.

Attempt to avoid players from entering the judge with dirty tennis position. This can reduce the regarding dirt nd other debris becoming stuck in the grass fibres of the court. Annual Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Maintenance Synthetic grass tennis courts are very susceptible to mould and algae growing in the grass fibres. A mould and algae chemical treatment should be relevant to the court.Tile Cleaning New tennis court sand can be reapplied Sand can be applied to your desired level. Brand new sand is going to be distributed throughout the playing surface. Synthetic grass tennis courts must be maintained because of their susceptibility to dirt, grime, mould and algae. Extremely dirty and poorly maintained synthetic grass tennis courts can be cleaned experienced commercial grade pressure cleaning equipment. High pressure cleaning synthetic grass courts will require new tennis court sand to be reapplied to the entire court after having the surface pressure cleaned.

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